En 2022, nous avons célébré avec fierté les 37 années d’existence de la Financière Teychené. Durant toutes ces années, nous avons construit, main dans la main avec notre précieuse équipe, une entreprise solide, empreinte de volonté, d’énergie et de persévérance.

Financière Teychené is much more than just a company; it is the result of an entrepreneur's journey and a human-scale entity where each collaborator is fueled by a deep passion for their craft and a sincere desire to succeed in every new project. We prioritize listening and respecting our clients, fully committing to their satisfaction with our responsiveness and ability to anticipate their needs as key aspects of our work.

Our group has always been guided by aspirations that shape our journey:

  • Establishing a solid heritage, symbolizing our commitment to building for the future.

  • Carefully preserving this heritage, as it represents our legacy and responsibility to future generations.

  • Sharing these values and expertise generously and kindly to perpetuate this legacy over time.

  • Working in an atmosphere of mutual trust, nurturing authentic and lasting relationships with our partners.

  • Growing in a balanced manner, internally and externally, remaining true to our core expertise, and surrounding ourselves with specialists and experts who share our vision.

In 2023, we continue to evolve, adapt, and rise to the challenges ahead.

At this new stage of our journey, we have embarked on a determined transformation for the environment, working daily to strengthen our human connections and co-writing each page of our history in close collaboration with our teams and partners.

Our passionate drive and determination towards a prosperous future are fueled by the renewed trust of our clients. Together, we are building a world where human values and a sense of sharing prevail.

With pride, Gérard Teychené collaborated with his daughters, Marie and Emilie Teychené, for a few years. They made invaluable contributions to the company's development before forging their own paths.

Gérard Teychené

President, Groupe Financière Teychené